Nicole, Founder & Photographer

                 Nicole is a Columbus, Ohio based photographer specializing in fashion, editorial, and conceptual photography. Her mantra is |Beauty in darkness to find the light| and she tries to bring that idea to each shoot. Whether you are a model, business, magazine or individual looking for exceptional portraiture or editorial photography, Nicole brings and interprets great vision and effort into her photography and therefore into your project. She can collaborate with you on a concept for your project/session, or can direct you entirely on an amazing portraiture experience using a concept she has already envisioned. Be prepared to sometimes step outside of the art box you may have imagined when working with Nicole. 

                Working with Nicole is a unique experience where you can feel comfortable, even when you are stretching your artistic muscle. You can expect images that are like nothing on your mantle, or in your portfolio. Whether you're a new model, or an adventurous individual looking for unique and beautiful portraits, be prepared to find the |beauty in darkness|

                Nicole works passionately to deliver beautiful photography. She is generally available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday by appointment. Additional days of the week can be arranged in advance. Please note that the majority of sessions will be held outdoors or on location. Please email for more information or to book. Additionally, Nicole can be reached by voicemail message at 614.423.9250. 


       Photo by Matt of Bricker Photographics

       Photo by Matt of Bricker Photographics

Nicole volunteers as a photographer for Franklin County Dog Shelter and Friends for Life Animal Haven, as well as several other project based ventures. Use the contact form on the ABOUT page to inquire, submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

elocin|photographic has been published in the following magazines or websites and is always looking for additional opportunities. 

NOW IT'S DARK Magazine- July 26, 2015 Author and article photographer

ZTPMag Magazine- October27, 2015 Photographer Highlight 

HfCB Magazine and Calendar- 2015 Model photographer

Vain Girl Magazine- December Issue X 2015 Editorial Feature photographer