Short Hiatus- Friday List- Top 10 Favorite Images of 2016

Normally, I would wait until January to write a post about my "Top 10 Favorite Images" of the previous year. However, since my camera is away for servicing, and likely won't be back to me in time to shoot anything new before the new year, I might as well share my favorites now!

I am very proud of myself this year. I shot more of my own creative work (with the help of tons of other creative professionals, of course!) this year than in any year prior. I went outside my bubble socially and artistically. Now, I realize I have tons of room for improvement about the frequency in which I shoot creatively, but that is certainly a goal for 2017!

1. The first Model Monday shoot I did with Sam Antics (@heyprettybeauty) was with two models I had never met. I was nervous and was going to try out a new light I had recently gotten but never used on a human in a portrait setting. Pretty proud of how these turned out. Mary (@mundermonster) was cool as a cucumber, even though I was sweating it!

2. This image was taken the same day as #1 after we did the indoor shots. I just love the ease at which Nancy (@whatanancy) went from high fashion to editorial in a swift 10 minute outfit change. It was also super cold that day and she was a trooper!

3. While I super loved shooting this impromptu shoot with Jen, the editing I did on this one was my favorite part. Jen had worn little makeup, which was fine. I just wanted to see if I could make edited makeup look natural. I think I did a pretty alright job! 

4. I met Becca at the 2016 Zombie Walk and was floored at her character, Giggles. She was there representing Flannagan's Fear Fest and her makeup was done by none other than Sam Antics! (You'll be seeing a lot of her work in my images!) This girl only broke character ONCE, and that was for me to hear her real voice so I would recognize her without her makeup on! I went outside my comfort bubble and asked a practical stranger to let me lay on the ground and have them hover over me for this impromptu backlit awesomeness.

5. I had a VERY hard time selecting a single image from the set with Eden (@edenkush) with makeup done by Willow (@wickedwillowmua). We didn't have a clear vision really for the shoot and just kind of went with it! Eden was a trooper to be so scantily clad because I apparently have a habit of making models be outside in the cold. 

6. This particular image made the list for several reasons. One was that I absolutely adore shooting with Valerie (@modelvalerieg) because she is super easy to work with and the images are effortless wonderful! She's also super fun. Another reason this image made the list is because it is from the Trash The Dress group shoot hosted by Sam Antics and Hey Pretty Beauty and I really enjoy shooting at these events. Also, I chose this image because of the editing I did. I did it all by hand, but I was amused when a photographer on instagram flat out asked me "What filter did you use." I chuckled at that one. 

7. I was really nervous to shoot Jackie. We are friends In Real Life (I know, right?!), but it was nerve wracking for me to get to shoot with Odette Despairr (@odedettedespairr) for some reason! We shot in a sweet spot in Gahanna near Creekside and I excited to have found such a unique location to shoot her. I had a step ladder in the water, my butt got wet but my camera didn't! I'm pretty stoked with how the images turned out, if I do say so myself. 

8. I love this image for several reasons. One is that the subject is my Boo Thang, Nik. I needed this image for a contest (I didn't win. Whomp) and I needed it quickly. The theme was "Fun with leaves" and I wanted to be creative. I knew most submissions would be people playing in the leaves, and I wanted to do something unexpected. I learned a new editing technique to produce this image. 

9. Hunter (@huntman614) graduates this year and these were taken as a collaboration for his senior photos, a family session and the start to his modeling portfolio. Can you tell?! He is on his way to a great career and I can't wait to work with him again and get some more great images for his portfolio in the future. 

10. It seems some of my favorite images come from the most impromptu sets. Willow and I shot this pretty last minute, it was cold and I was having camera issues (sound familiar). I didn't feel well (but photographers can't really take sick days, right?!) and could barely see with my glasses on. I almost fell off the side of the ledge and through a hole in the ceiling. But none of that matters when the image turns out exactly how I had pictured it. 

I was really worried to write this post. I was worried I couldn't fine 10 "favorite images." I am really glad I did this post now... I had a VERY hard time narrowing it DOWN to only 10 images. I can't wait to write next year's post and hopefully have an even harder time whittling down to 10 to share with you!