Giggles Cleaver, the scary clown from Fear Fest at Flannagan's!

Giggles Cleaver, the Scary Clown from the Fear Fest at Flannagan's is ready for Halloween. 

It's only August you say?! But Halloween is exactly TWO MONTHS from today!!

If you are a newcomer to my site, you may be confused why this is so exciting for me. First off, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Secondly, Columbus Ohio has a pretty intense haunt scene and we started as early as July with the ZombieWalk. We take Halloween seriously in these parts!

And to get you acquainted with Giggles, we've done some early promotional headshots for the Fall Haunt Season at Flannagan's, in their second haunted house season. And, being that I can't possibly waste the effort and time Becca Elise and Sam Antics put in to creating Giggles, we had to have some fun and take more than just some "head shots."

Sam Antics does wedding and beauty makeup all year round, but when the fall is upon us, Zombies and Scary Clowns come out of the woodwork!