Gothesque Magazine "Visible" Mental Health Awareness, Columbus, Ohio photo shoot April 2018

Sam asked me if I would be interested in shooting a set for a magazine.

I am ALWAYS interested in shooting, so, of course I said yes. When she told me that this set was slated for a “Mental Health Awareness” issue called Visible, I was even more intrigued. We went with a theme of not being able to speak up for yourself, feeling like you have to stay silent. Our models, Liz and Briden, brought their own spin on the idea.


Not being able to speak up for yourself is not always literal in the auditory sense. Briden’s set was more about not being able to show your true self. Wearing a mask to “fit in” with society’s rules is another way you can be forced to “keep your mouth shut.”


On to the technical stuff. You can see in the video below that we took a LOT of shots of the fabric throwing. It wasn’t so much that we weren’t “getting it,” but that the fabric kept giving it’s own personality that I wanted to make sure that we got lots of options. The makeup for Briden and Liz were done with the expert hand of Sam from Hey Pretty! Beauty with assistance from Liz and another Hey Pretty artist, Morgan. Dylan did our behind the scenes video. I was informed that I “move too quickly,” so my goal for future shoots is to hold my position longer so the video has some dynamic shots, too!

All the Social Stuff:

GOTHESQUE: Visible Issue #60 Volume 1 Visible Issue #60 Volume 2 INSTAGRAM


Hair and Makeup: Sam Antics (INSTAGRAM) Morgan Lange (INSTAGRAM)

Video: Dylan Paul