Vera at the Japanese Garden, Dawes Arboretum, Newark Ohio

Vera is the daughter of Sara and Ben, my tattoo artist (available at Fate Tattoo on High Street). She is an absolute PEACH and certainly knows how to work the camera! She had TONS of suggestions for locations and poses at the Dawes Arboretum. We shot mainly at the Japanese Garden and she was able to keep her model cool even with all of the other people there visiting and shooting. Her smile was on point and available at a moment's notice! Kids these days are getting more fashionable all the time, and she certainly worked her little striped grandma sweater.

Her little skinny jeans and slip on flats were perfect and I LOVED her tiny pink sparkly necklace. Fun fact, pink is actually my favorite color! ;-)

Thanks Ben and Vera for the opportunity to capture the personality of her daughter!


Eleanor turns ONE and the Rivera Family at Jeffery Mansion in Bexley!

Eleanor's 1 year old shoot was special to me because her daddy is a friend of mine. We also shot the session at a location I had not yet shot! Eleanor was such a peach about the whole thing and last through a 1.5 hour session with her extended family as well! She has quite the expressive eyebrows and definitely brought those out during her shoot. 

The whole Rivera family is quite photogenic and they all brought their A game. Jeffery Mansion in Bexley is certainly a breathtaking location and I am thankful my clients were willing to meet so early on a Sunday because the light was absolutely perfect! I can't wait to shoot there again! 

Bexley is ONE!

While we shot this session when Bexley was about 10 months old, Bexley just turned one! This girl has TONS of personality and we definitely got tons of the "Resting Bex Face!" We really worked the Franklin Park Conservatory location without going inside! We had to work around the other photographers also shooting there that day. We found all the good spots, though. ;-)

Amelia's One Year Birthday! Lancaster, Ohio Party Photographer

The day of Amelia's One Year Birthday party started out very warm. Ok, it was HOT! But we got a nice reprieve later in the evening and I took the opportunity to get some more portrait like shots of Amelia! 

She was just a super awesome peach during her birthday mini session, but we also got to see Daddy's Little Mosher as well!

My first time shooting at Jeffery Mansion for Eleanor's 1 Year Old & Family session!

In about 2 weeks, Eleanor is turning one! And for her first birthday, we did an early morning session at Jeffery Mansion in Bexley. I had never shot there before and I was really excited to get to do so. We got absolutely PERFECT diffused light from the cloudy morning. Eleanor was a super champ and she lasted almost the ENTIRE hour and a half while we also got some whole family shots! I was literally giddy with excitement looking at the back of my camera and had a really hard time not chimping on my camera. My assistant/husband, Nik, was my behind the scenes photographer this time and I am glad he was there to catch these few and far between shots of me working. Thought you guys might like to see them!