Family Portraits

Grimm Family portraits at Innis Wood Metro Gardens, Westerville, Ohio August 2017

Even though I focus mainly on individual conceptual portraiture, family portraits are a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with clients as well!

The Grimm Family gathered at the Innis Wood Metro Gardens for their family portraits this year! While initially hesitant to get their portraits taken, we quickly got excited about the images on the back on my camera! With the promise of their first portrait update in a few years, each member of the family was ready to have those “shareable” images.


Regardless of the season, Innis Wood Metro Park is great for informal family portraits and it provides multiple location backdrops. While the park itself is not pet friendly, there is a section of the parking lot that is pretty photogenic. That’s where we shot Brandon’s individual portraits with his pup!

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