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Nissan Car Club Model Shoot- February 2018, Columbus, Ohio

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

I was invited by a fellow photographer, and car enthusiast, to shoot at an annual Nissan Car Club get together photo shoot. We met in a multi-level parking garage around 4p, with daylight fading fast.

We shot with over 30 cars and 5 models between about 8 photographers. When I say it was cold, I mean it was COLD. Bundled up in my coat and scarf, I was still shivering. I can only imagine how the models felt as they wore unseasonably thin outfits for the shoot!


Celeste Blandon, Logan Shepard and Love Carver were the models that I worked with that day. I was also testing out using my Octabox, which was very new to me. I’m thankful that they were patient with me to nail these shots. I think it was worth it!

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

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My first time shooting at Jeffery Mansion for Eleanor's 1 Year Old & Family session!

In about 2 weeks, Eleanor is turning one! And for her first birthday, we did an early morning session at Jeffery Mansion in Bexley. I had never shot there before and I was really excited to get to do so. We got absolutely PERFECT diffused light from the cloudy morning. Eleanor was a super champ and she lasted almost the ENTIRE hour and a half while we also got some whole family shots! I was literally giddy with excitement looking at the back of my camera and had a really hard time not chimping on my camera. My assistant/husband, Nik, was my behind the scenes photographer this time and I am glad he was there to catch these few and far between shots of me working. Thought you guys might like to see them!

fmmf September 3 & 4

       With the Fashion Meets Music Festival in it's third year, the fashion portion has grown each year. I was excited to shoot backstage and in the photographer's pit. Shooting fashion was a new experience for me this year, having typically been a concert shooter. I made a lot of connections and saw lots of amazing collaborations going on backstage. With hair and makeup by students at Paul Mitchell and designs by local designers such as Celeste Malvar-Stewart, Lydia Hopmann, Cierra Reeve-Cunningham, and Horacio Nieto. Below are some of my favorite images from the runway!


Behind the Scenes of the River Queen shoot with Odette Despairr

       I'm not going to lie. I was pretty nervous to shoot with Odette Despairr (Jackie). While she and I have been friends for a hot minute, and she has styled and pose coached ME as a model, I was nervous to shoot a model who has been so prolifically photographed by high profile photographers. You see, Jackie is pretty down to earth in real life. But I couldn't shake that nagging feeling that I was about to shoot a session with someone who has been on the cover of countless conceptual magazine covers. Not only is Jackie widely photographed and published, we were about to shoot a session in a location where I had not shot anything worth mentioning artistically and in a method I had not shot before. 

   I was going to have a friend submerge herself into the creek. Almost completely. Jackie is quite versed in shooting in water, but typically in a pool of super clean water without creatures. Except, well... that one time I assisted Laura Dark and Team corrall live goldfish in a kiddie pool. But in this instance, the possible critters may not be known. Clear water or not, there might be fishes, crawdads, and whatnots. It was going to be an adventure. And it was!

 Even just looking at the back of my camera, I was actually really excited at the images I got SOOC, or Straight Out Of Camera. I'm really excited to show you guys the finished images, but I wanted to share the behind the scenes!