Cake Smash photo shoots aren't just for kids! Sam Antics Birthday September 2017, Columbus, Ohio.

We’ve all seen the “1st Birthday Cake Smash” photo shoots. They sure are cute, but why should babies and toddlers have all the fun? It’s a simple formula; interest board, balloons, cake, and for the adults- bubbly! Whether you’re turning 1 or 31, cake smashes are a fun way to memorialize your birthday. It’s actually a fun shoot for any age!


My friend, Sam Antics of Hello Pretty! Beauty, wanted to show off her styling skills with a cake smash photo shoot for her birthday. A fun outfit and a chalkboard with all of her interests are rounded out by a bottle of bubbly and a hand decorated cake!

Sam is an amazing shoot stylist. She shopped around for a cake at local grocery stores, but couldn’t find anything she liked. So, she got creative and removed the decor from the cake and added her own! Adding color coordinating accessories like balloons, glitter and backdrop, we shot this set in a park near her house before she was whisked away to do her hair and makeup thing for a wedding.


This was a really fun shoot to get out of the box and work on a concept with a friend! We only got a few weird looks from passersby in the park, but it was totally worth it!

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