Hey Pretty! Beauty Season Start Up Session, Roosevelt Coffee Shop, Columbus, February 2019

You guys hear a lot about Hey Pretty! Beauty on my social media accounts and on the website. And for good reason! HPB is a wonderful resource for me as a photographer and I am their staff photographer. So, when they are doing something cute, I am there for that!

The team has expanded over the past year. And because of that, Sam wanted to make sure her whole team was on the same page as their spring season amps up.

The girls met up at Roosevelt Coffee Shop Downtown, around the corner from their studio. It was pretty cold, which is expected in early February in Columbus. We got some quick shots before they headed to the the studio for the educational portion of the day.


With some professional development to get the day started, the girls also scheduled the next several months of weddings!

This team is super creative and they are all ready to provide exceptional service for your wedding, or photo shoot!


The HPB team has been featured on The Knot and has won the Best of Weddings award several years in a row!

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Nissan Car Club Model Shoot- February 2018, Columbus, Ohio

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

I was invited by a fellow photographer, and car enthusiast, to shoot at an annual Nissan Car Club get together photo shoot. We met in a multi-level parking garage around 4p, with daylight fading fast.

We shot with over 30 cars and 5 models between about 8 photographers. When I say it was cold, I mean it was COLD. Bundled up in my coat and scarf, I was still shivering. I can only imagine how the models felt as they wore unseasonably thin outfits for the shoot!


Celeste Blandon, Logan Shepard and Love Carver were the models that I worked with that day. I was also testing out using my Octabox, which was very new to me. I’m thankful that they were patient with me to nail these shots. I think it was worth it!

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

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Cake Smash photo shoots aren't just for kids! Sam Antics Birthday September 2017, Columbus, Ohio.

We’ve all seen the “1st Birthday Cake Smash” photo shoots. They sure are cute, but why should babies and toddlers have all the fun? It’s a simple formula; interest board, balloons, cake, and for the adults- bubbly! Whether you’re turning 1 or 31, cake smashes are a fun way to memorialize your birthday. It’s actually a fun shoot for any age!


My friend, Sam Antics of Hello Pretty! Beauty, wanted to show off her styling skills with a cake smash photo shoot for her birthday. A fun outfit and a chalkboard with all of her interests are rounded out by a bottle of bubbly and a hand decorated cake!

Sam is an amazing shoot stylist. She shopped around for a cake at local grocery stores, but couldn’t find anything she liked. So, she got creative and removed the decor from the cake and added her own! Adding color coordinating accessories like balloons, glitter and backdrop, we shot this set in a park near her house before she was whisked away to do her hair and makeup thing for a wedding.


This was a really fun shoot to get out of the box and work on a concept with a friend! We only got a few weird looks from passersby in the park, but it was totally worth it!

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