dawes arboretum

Vera at the Japanese Garden, Dawes Arboretum, Newark Ohio

Vera is the daughter of Sara and Ben, my tattoo artist (available at Fate Tattoo on High Street). She is an absolute PEACH and certainly knows how to work the camera! She had TONS of suggestions for locations and poses at the Dawes Arboretum. We shot mainly at the Japanese Garden and she was able to keep her model cool even with all of the other people there visiting and shooting. Her smile was on point and available at a moment's notice! Kids these days are getting more fashionable all the time, and she certainly worked her little striped grandma sweater.

Her little skinny jeans and slip on flats were perfect and I LOVED her tiny pink sparkly necklace. Fun fact, pink is actually my favorite color! ;-)

Thanks Ben and Vera for the opportunity to capture the personality of her daughter!