meet the photographer

Meet the photographer!

              Welcome to elocin|photographic! I am pleased to introduce my new website. Here you will be able to see new projects and sessions, information about booking with me, updates on pricing and offerings, and get to know me and my style. Please take a moment to look around my portfolio and information. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! Additionally, I am stoked to start booking on Saturday, Sunday and Mondays. 

              Whether you are a portrait client looking for adventure or are a model starting your professional portfolio, I hope you will consider working with me to bring your vision alive! Please let me know what work you like that you have seen and also work you might like to see from me in the future. I am always open to ideas, whether from clients or models, etc. 

                A little on my photography philosophy:

             My motto is |beauty in darkness to find the light and believe in yourself again| and I believe it means that there is beauty in everything, be it the literal darkness or in dark themes and ideas. I enjoy a good bubble gum image, but there is also beauty to be found in embracing the idea that life isn't always candy colors and bright skies. And that is not only ok, but can also be beauty.

              Seeing the darkness in life and finding it beautiful can help us appreciate the light. And that's what I hope to show in my photography work. The ironic, the opaque, the unusual. It's all beautiful in it's own way. And so is each and every person. My goal is to present that experience for each and every person I photograph.

                                                |BEAUTY IN DARKNESS TO FIND THE LIGHT|

                                                      Let's make beautiful darkness,