Short Hiatus- Model Monday Nancy and Mary

I thought I'd start my first Model Monday edition off with a shoot that was actually named Model Monday when I was shooting it. Sam Antics (@Heyprettybeauty) and I were shooting a series of impromptu model sessions and this one was on a Monday. I had never shot with Nancy (@whatanancy) or Mary (@mundermonster) and was nervous to do so!

But I have to be honest, they are some of my favorite images and I even put myself out there creatively concerning the lighting. Off camera flash is one of the things that trips me up the most, and I was attempting a new set up with new models. 

Sam and I settled on a floral theme and just went to town. My husband jokes that these images would be perfect for a Baroness album cover. 

It was Nancy's first time modeling but not Mary's. It was an interesting dynamic to have an experienced and inexperienced models working together.

After our initial flower themed shoot, we changed Nancy's look two more times for a variety!

The above image was recently on the cover of Subrosa Magazine!

Beth & Cameron are getting HITCHED!

When you're given clients that include a bonafide Pinup Model and a Rockabilly Shop Junkie, you never know what you're going to get! Couple that with the fact that Beth is on a "break" from modeling, so of course I had to take that opportunity to take some solo shots of her!

I just shot their wedding this past Saturday, just two weeks after we shot their engagement session! You read that right! Two weeks!!