Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles T-Shirt Model Shoot, Columbus, Ohio September 2018

Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles is my joint venture with my partner, Dylan. Together, we put together this photo shoot to get marketing images of our brand t-shirts. Amy, Liz and Morgan helped us out so we could get it done!

Throttle Company t-shirts are available on our website and you can be a cool kid and get one of your own. If you’re wondering how you can be an even cooler kid, you can get a Special Edition Ground Floor T-shirt to help us raise money to buy our own printing equipment.


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Old Familiar Comb Company barbershop photo shoot October 2017

Old Familiar Comb Company started in 2012 as a sketch of a “bottle opening comb” on a paper napkin. After hours of design and testing, the brand has expanded to mustache combs. To carry your comb, you can get the branded leather wallet or sheath, specially designed to hold the combs. They’re made and co-designed by Aaron from River City.


We went with a greaser styling for the photo shoot we held at the Old Familiar Barbershop, from which the OFCC gets it’s name.


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