Short Hiatus- Before & After, Thursday Throwback, AND a sort of tech review!

As many of you know, my equipment is off for servicing for the (count with me now!) next 3-4 weeks. In the mean time, I'm focusing on improving my business is other ways. One of ways I am hoping to improve is to blog more (check!). So this is actually my second blog post this WEEK! Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, am I right?!

Actually, I really am trying to write meaningful content and am asking for input on what you'd like to read or see from me. So, in the comments of this post or on my facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages, let me know what you'd like to see!

Now, back at the stuff I promised in the headline (honesty all around here folks)!

Thursdays may become my "Throwback Thursday," and I do have one of those for you! I chose an image from my shoot back in the summer with Jackie (Odette Despairr), the River Queen. This is a Throwback Thursday, but it;s also a Before & After, with Jackie's blessing, I'll also be showing the SOOC or straight out of camera version, of the image. Lastly, I am trying to learn how to edit with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Now, I've had this tablet for literally almost a year. I have it on sort of a forever loan from my wonderful Seastar, Maegan. But I was terrified of it and to be honest, I am the worst with challenging myself on the technical size of things. I have a penchant for getting new equipment and not making myself learn how to use it. 

So, in an effort to make myself do so, I'm using this Short Hiatus time to learn my equipment that I don't know how to use. So here goes! 

Below is an image I edited using only the tablet and pen. I applied two gradient maps (the color tint) in a blue and a teal that I created myself, I used the patch tool to remove blemishes, I tidied up the lips and eyebrows using the brush tool, I applied general contrast and levels changes. There is also a slight dodge and burn on the nose, chin and around the eye makeup.

These were all simple edits, as Jackie never does need too much by ways of editing. However, for me, the challenge was doing these all with the stylus and tablet only. 

My next challenge will be to learn the myriad of Photoshop shortcut keys. Everyone tells me the ease of use will be worth the agony of learning the tons of combinations for all of the tools and processes I use in Photoshop.

Let me know what you think of the edit and what else you'd like to see and read about! 

Behind the Scenes of the River Queen shoot with Odette Despairr

       I'm not going to lie. I was pretty nervous to shoot with Odette Despairr (Jackie). While she and I have been friends for a hot minute, and she has styled and pose coached ME as a model, I was nervous to shoot a model who has been so prolifically photographed by high profile photographers. You see, Jackie is pretty down to earth in real life. But I couldn't shake that nagging feeling that I was about to shoot a session with someone who has been on the cover of countless conceptual magazine covers. Not only is Jackie widely photographed and published, we were about to shoot a session in a location where I had not shot anything worth mentioning artistically and in a method I had not shot before. 

   I was going to have a friend submerge herself into the creek. Almost completely. Jackie is quite versed in shooting in water, but typically in a pool of super clean water without creatures. Except, well... that one time I assisted Laura Dark and Team corrall live goldfish in a kiddie pool. But in this instance, the possible critters may not be known. Clear water or not, there might be fishes, crawdads, and whatnots. It was going to be an adventure. And it was!

 Even just looking at the back of my camera, I was actually really excited at the images I got SOOC, or Straight Out Of Camera. I'm really excited to show you guys the finished images, but I wanted to share the behind the scenes!