Dominick Senior session at the Idea Foundry in Franklinton, Columbus Ohio Class of 2018

Dominick is an aspiring music producer who was not too keen on getting his photo taken, at first. But once he saw the first shot, he was game to make this the best experience! His mom was super pumped at seeing the back of my camera between shots, but she was even more excited once I delivered the edited images. 

 This was my first time shooting at my day job, so we did it on a Sunday when there would be less coworkers in the building. Oddly enough, we still managed to run into a coworker who is also in the music business!


Bailey is about to graduate! WSHS 2017

Bailey and pup met me at Innis Wood Metro Park in Westerville. We wanted the girly garden vibe, but not too overwhelming in terms of flowers. This girl was an absolute peach to shoot and she didn't at all think I was weird for having her do some weird stuff. As long as the shot turned out! ;-)


Bailey is graduating from Westerville South High School, where I graduated from! She is a soccer player who is also hard at work to earn that money! Good luck Bailey! GO WILDCATS!

Adison is college bound!

I have known the Preston Family for a long time and it has been my pleasure to capture the Senior Sessions of TWO Preston Girls. This year, it was Adison's turn, and man are Preston Girls photogenic! Adison is college bound to Mount Vernon with a soccer scholarship and we're all excited to see what she can accomplish once she gets there. 

We had her session at Creekside in Gahanna, Ohio and we sure had to fight the crowds of people playing Pokemon GO! It's alright, I had my assistant, Lance,  to help me wrangle the crowds and hold my diffuser to make these awesome images for his big sister. When you have a young lady so poised and effortless, it's not hard to get great images. I am always super stoked when a family trusts me repeatedly to capture their family and I can't wait until their next youngest, Emily, is off to college! Are you ready, mom and dad?!