Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles T-Shirt Model Shoot, Columbus, Ohio September 2018

Throttle Company Vintage Motorcycles is my joint venture with my partner, Dylan. Together, we put together this photo shoot to get marketing images of our brand t-shirts. Amy, Liz and Morgan helped us out so we could get it done!

Throttle Company t-shirts are available on our website and you can be a cool kid and get one of your own. If you’re wondering how you can be an even cooler kid, you can get a Special Edition Ground Floor T-shirt to help us raise money to buy our own printing equipment.


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Stylized Bridal Trial with Hey Pretty! Beauty, Columbus, Ohio, July 2018

Did you know Hey Pretty! Beauty has their own skincare line? You can contact to get your hands on it!

When Hey Pretty! Beauty gets new team members, they put them through a trial and I was there to photograph this one!

Erin and Kirstin got to practice on a real trial for HPB bride! Then, we went out downtown to shoot some bridal portraits.


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Nissan Car Club Model Shoot- February 2018, Columbus, Ohio

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

I was invited by a fellow photographer, and car enthusiast, to shoot at an annual Nissan Car Club get together photo shoot. We met in a multi-level parking garage around 4p, with daylight fading fast.

We shot with over 30 cars and 5 models between about 8 photographers. When I say it was cold, I mean it was COLD. Bundled up in my coat and scarf, I was still shivering. I can only imagine how the models felt as they wore unseasonably thin outfits for the shoot!


Celeste Blandon, Logan Shepard and Love Carver were the models that I worked with that day. I was also testing out using my Octabox, which was very new to me. I’m thankful that they were patient with me to nail these shots. I think it was worth it!

MAY 2018 UPDATE: You can watch a video that Dylan made from the day on my YouTube channel, or by clicking the link directly to the behind the scenes video.

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Preview of AFW "Runway No.5" at Commons Studio "The Camera Social."

This year is a big milestone year for Alternative Fashion Mobs's annual Alternative Fashion Week. This year is year number five with a show aptly receiving the moniker "Runway No.5." To amp up for the multi-day event, in collaboration with the inaugural session of The Camera Social held on May 27th, 2017 (hosted by Commons Studio), local photographers, models, hair & makeup professionals, and members of the fashion industry at large were invited to preview some of the Alternative Fashion Week designers. I was more than excited to be one of those photographers.

While I tend to model for the AFW show instead of shooting, it was a nice change of pace for me to get to work in the fully equipped studio space at Commons Studio at this first time collaboration. Shooting in an open space studio complete with tunes by DJ Donnie Mossman of Damn Girl and libations provided by 451 Spirits and Pabst Blue Ribbon , we had an audience of fashion industry onlookers, the designers themselves, and other hair & makeup/photographer/model professionals. 

I was personally brought out of my comfort zone with such a large group of people and there not being a fully "scheduled" group shoot environment. I appreciate the open atmosphere and the general sense of collaboration, though, and feel like it helped me actually focus more on my lighting and model interaction. 


While I did not have the pleasure of working with all of the models or individual designs, I am pleased with the connections I made and the images I did come out with. I tried some new lighting and editing techniques and certainly met some new connections in the industry. 

I also shot one of the models, Thomas Price, after many of the others had left and I am really glad I did! He and I shot some edgy extensions of the shots we got earlier in the evening. 

The Alternative Fashion Week event is actually several events spanning a whole month. These events range from July 8ths Runway No.5 being held at Newport Music Hall (Tickets)* to August 5ths Next Gen Designer Youth Fair. The fashion events are a mix of free and ticketed events and information can be found here. There is even an option to round up your tickets to make an additional donation. This year is special because AFM is working on funding a physical Fabric facility, to help local designers in the industry and make Columbus even more of a Fashion City!

Models: Thomas Price, Rachel Lauren, Lindsay Wilt, Sarah Anchor, Alana Rex

Designers: Kelli Martin of Anti.Label, Jefferey M. Steele, Jessica Driscoll, Katelyn Mary McClain, Ella Price and Co.

Hair & Makeup: Kate Wright, Cory Harrison, Kristy Kay




*Link Disclosure: By using the "Tickets" link above, I am receiving a portion of sales using this link. If you would rather buy your tickets through the Mob directly (no price change), you can do so here.* 

Tomi Jones, Columbus Recording Artist and Model

I was invited along to this shoot by my friend and colleague, Louis. And I am super stoked that he did! We had a blast bringing Tomi's vision to life. It was also really exciting to see how my workflow differed from Louis', including how we direct a model and use lighting. Tomi was an absolute joy to work with and she was up for anything, including getting dirty in the mud! 

Vanity in the Woods- Hey Pretty! Beauty Scioto Audubon Stylized Photoshoot Columbus Ohio

 This set (or at least part of it) was originally published in a vegan magazine, My Fil Mag,  as a feature for Hey Pretty! Beauty  about their strict cruelty free mission concerning the products they use and for which they advocate. These images were shot in July 2016, and were being held for publication. However, I am releasing them for the Spring 2017 season anyway! 

The mastermind behind the styling of this Vanity in the Woods set was Sam, and we did our best to bring her vision alive. A few weeks prior to the shoot, Sam and I went traipsing through the Audubon Metro Park in search of the best spot to shoot the Vanity set. When we originally went location scouting, it was Spring-ish, and not all that hot yet. That comes into play later, but we shot in JULY. 

 On the day of the shoot, myself (strong-armed into also modeling that day) and the other models were made up at a salon ahead of time. Hair and makeup complete, we loaded up the cars and a truck. A truck? Yea, a truck to haul the HEAVY vanity and mirror into the woods. Myself and the rest of the set producers (which is just a fancy term for "carrier of things on a photoshoot set"), models, and photographers trudged through the high grass to set up the vanity and the mirror. The grasses had gotten much higher since the original scouting mission. 

After setting up our beautiful main scene, we began shooting. It was stiflingly hot, but the makeup done by the Hey! Pretty Team LASTS! I was wearing a nightie while shooting since it was so hot. It was one sight to see on the bike path of the Audubon, 5 ladies out in the woods with these outfits on! We also had hand-felted veils from Celeste Malvar-Stewart Collection: Verano Bridal. The initial meeting to pick up the veils was a step out of my comfort zone. I had not yet met Celeste at the time and was aware of her exceptional work. Eventually through working with her on a few more projects and with in-person interactions, I have become encouraged by her in a personal and professional capacity. I was very nervous to be handling and be responsible for a strangers prized one of a kind designs, not to mention items worth a lot of money that I knew we'd be using in the woods! 

The whole team received a lot of bystander "encouragement" as we worked our little makeshift "middle of the woods" scene while often surrounded by trail bikers and the occasional group of bird watchers. I had to have a spotter while I stood in the middle of the path shooting as to not be run over by a quickly passing cyclist. All in the name of art, right?! 

This shoot was a collaboration between all of those involved and I would be remiss to not mention the other photographer who was also shooting. Matt Bricker, with Bricker Photographics,  with whom this group has worked with in the past, was also shooting and has some additional images on his site as well!

Transformation Tuesday- Model Maegan, 10 years of shooting and sneak peak Hey! Pretty beauty Shoot

I have mentioned it before, but in light of some awesome images I have recently captured of her, I had to mention it again. Maegan Furst was my very first, and long time, fashion model. We started shooting in 2007 and she didn't even blink when I asked her to do weirdo things, like wear a bridesmaid dress into a pond or wear an evening gown pumping gas (all on film and a story for another time, haha). This girl has never second guessed a concept, nor turned down an invitation to shoot. I am very thankful that she let me practice for so long on her. She is a chameleon, and even more so now that she is honing her makeup artist craft with Hey! Pretty Beauty and on her own, as well. She has always been an artist; clay, paints, makeup. She is also the one who helped me become the artist I am today, both indirectly with her encouragement, and directly with her influence and ideas.

 I wanted to share some of the first images we EVER shot together. I am not even sure of the event, but we were at a birthday or something like that at Blendon Woods Metro Park and I happened to have my camera. And so we shot. And traipsed through the woods. And probably got a tick or two. We thought they were SO good. Ha. Ha. They were an interesting first try, that's for sure! And to contrast them with what we are both capable of nowadays? Forget it! There is no comparison!

Maegan was my one and only exclusive "model" until about 3 years ago. I only otherwise shot weddings, seniors, and families up until that point. Now, when I shoot Maegan, I am confident we will get images more intuned with the artists that we are now! 

The images above are of a stylized shoot we did together with Hey! Pretty Beauty recently to celebrate their feature in The Knot's Best of Weddings 2016! The feature on The Knot website will be out this spring and I'll be sharing the images we shot of the feature model soon! Maegan has grown as an artist in the makeup artist world and I am very proud of the work she is doing. It was also her 30th Birthday over the weekend, you should probably tease her for it! (I give you permission!)


The gown Maegan is wearing is from Columbus couture designer, Cierra Lauren. Maegan did her own makeup, but does do makeup with Hey! Pretty Beauty. Sam Antics, founder and owner of Hey! Pretty, did Maegan's hair. 

Model Monday, Columbus Photographer

There has been quite the whirlwind of action behind the scenes with elocin photographic. I have been borrowing a colleague's camera while mine is back with the servicer. So, in the meantime, I am trying to shoot as much as I possibly can, and boy and I am getting spoiled with the full frame capabilities of the borrowed camera. I was invited to shoot, by yet another colleague, at a benefit group shoot "Polkadots, Wheels, and Heels" pinup shoot at Lucore Racing in Plain City, Ohio. The benefit was to raise money for a photographer friend who recently lost his wife.

 I used some of my new (old but never opened! Whoops!) gear and am quite pleased with the results! I bought an AlienBee 400 used at a local photography shop in Columbus on a whim about 3 years ago and it sit unused in my prop closet. My mother bought me a 7 foot parabolic umbrella (it's HUGE) last Christmas, but I was afraid to use it! The sheer size of it intimidated me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the quality of light to be much like a sheer covered window. I look forward to using it a lot more.

I have been working on some creative indoor lighting and pinup is such a joy to shoot! It is always nice to have access to the vintage cars but the shoot is always in an enclosed garage unless the weather is nice. I have some pinup images from previous shoots here. The weather was NOT nice this day!! Any of the models who went outside promptly froze their pearls off. I usually struggle with the overhead incandescent lighting, but my photographer friend, Louis, was gracious enough to school me on the basics of my own lighting gear. I had to fiddle around with it for a while and am glad my my models were so patient and that I didn't have a full schedule like I usually do. 

I would love to do even more pinup style shoots with local clients, so if you have or know of vintage cars, let me know! Pinup is such a lovely way to bring out your girly or greaser girl side!

Short Hiatus- Flashback Friday- Willow Model Shoot Columbus, Ohio

Willow was essentially my last model shoot before I sent my gear out for service, so it is only fitting that she be my Flashback Friday today. Yesterday I called the service repair company for an update on the schedule of repairs. They don't have an update. I would be fibbing if I didn't say that was disappointing. So, to combat that, I'm sharing the awesome images from this shoot!

We shot at an urban location and I was sick as a dog trying to focus my faulty focusing camera (hence the repair!). I almost fell off the ramp to the building because I couldn't see it! It's cool though, WIllow had my back.

Short Hiatus- Model Monday Nancy and Mary

I thought I'd start my first Model Monday edition off with a shoot that was actually named Model Monday when I was shooting it. Sam Antics (@Heyprettybeauty) and I were shooting a series of impromptu model sessions and this one was on a Monday. I had never shot with Nancy (@whatanancy) or Mary (@mundermonster) and was nervous to do so!

But I have to be honest, they are some of my favorite images and I even put myself out there creatively concerning the lighting. Off camera flash is one of the things that trips me up the most, and I was attempting a new set up with new models. 

Sam and I settled on a floral theme and just went to town. My husband jokes that these images would be perfect for a Baroness album cover. 

It was Nancy's first time modeling but not Mary's. It was an interesting dynamic to have an experienced and inexperienced models working together.

After our initial flower themed shoot, we changed Nancy's look two more times for a variety!

The above image was recently on the cover of Subrosa Magazine!

Short Hiatus- Before & After, Thursday Throwback, AND a sort of tech review!

As many of you know, my equipment is off for servicing for the (count with me now!) next 3-4 weeks. In the mean time, I'm focusing on improving my business is other ways. One of ways I am hoping to improve is to blog more (check!). So this is actually my second blog post this WEEK! Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, am I right?!

Actually, I really am trying to write meaningful content and am asking for input on what you'd like to read or see from me. So, in the comments of this post or on my facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages, let me know what you'd like to see!

Now, back at the stuff I promised in the headline (honesty all around here folks)!

Thursdays may become my "Throwback Thursday," and I do have one of those for you! I chose an image from my shoot back in the summer with Jackie (Odette Despairr), the River Queen. This is a Throwback Thursday, but it;s also a Before & After, with Jackie's blessing, I'll also be showing the SOOC or straight out of camera version, of the image. Lastly, I am trying to learn how to edit with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Now, I've had this tablet for literally almost a year. I have it on sort of a forever loan from my wonderful Seastar, Maegan. But I was terrified of it and to be honest, I am the worst with challenging myself on the technical size of things. I have a penchant for getting new equipment and not making myself learn how to use it. 

So, in an effort to make myself do so, I'm using this Short Hiatus time to learn my equipment that I don't know how to use. So here goes! 

Below is an image I edited using only the tablet and pen. I applied two gradient maps (the color tint) in a blue and a teal that I created myself, I used the patch tool to remove blemishes, I tidied up the lips and eyebrows using the brush tool, I applied general contrast and levels changes. There is also a slight dodge and burn on the nose, chin and around the eye makeup.

These were all simple edits, as Jackie never does need too much by ways of editing. However, for me, the challenge was doing these all with the stylus and tablet only. 

My next challenge will be to learn the myriad of Photoshop shortcut keys. Everyone tells me the ease of use will be worth the agony of learning the tons of combinations for all of the tools and processes I use in Photoshop.

Let me know what you think of the edit and what else you'd like to see and read about! 

Giggles Cleaver, the scary clown from Fear Fest at Flannagan's!

Giggles Cleaver, the Scary Clown from the Fear Fest at Flannagan's is ready for Halloween. 

It's only August you say?! But Halloween is exactly TWO MONTHS from today!!

If you are a newcomer to my site, you may be confused why this is so exciting for me. First off, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Secondly, Columbus Ohio has a pretty intense haunt scene and we started as early as July with the ZombieWalk. We take Halloween seriously in these parts!

And to get you acquainted with Giggles, we've done some early promotional headshots for the Fall Haunt Season at Flannagan's, in their second haunted house season. And, being that I can't possibly waste the effort and time Becca Elise and Sam Antics put in to creating Giggles, we had to have some fun and take more than just some "head shots."

Sam Antics does wedding and beauty makeup all year round, but when the fall is upon us, Zombies and Scary Clowns come out of the woodwork!


Eden Test Shoot with Willow Hair & Makeup, Columbus, Ohio March 2016

Local Columbus Model, Willow, needed to work on her hair and makeup portfolio in March of 2016 and found a budding model who also needed to expand her portfolio. Eden was such a trooper during this shoot because it was definitely COLD that day! Not only was it cold for Willow and I, fully clothed, Eden was sparsely dressed for our Winter Nymph theme.


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