Cake Smash photo shoots aren't just for kids! Sam Antics Birthday September 2017, Columbus, Ohio.

We’ve all seen the “1st Birthday Cake Smash” photo shoots. They sure are cute, but why should babies and toddlers have all the fun? It’s a simple formula; interest board, balloons, cake, and for the adults- bubbly! Whether you’re turning 1 or 31, cake smashes are a fun way to memorialize your birthday. It’s actually a fun shoot for any age!


My friend, Sam Antics of Hello Pretty! Beauty, wanted to show off her styling skills with a cake smash photo shoot for her birthday. A fun outfit and a chalkboard with all of her interests are rounded out by a bottle of bubbly and a hand decorated cake!

Sam is an amazing shoot stylist. She shopped around for a cake at local grocery stores, but couldn’t find anything she liked. So, she got creative and removed the decor from the cake and added her own! Adding color coordinating accessories like balloons, glitter and backdrop, we shot this set in a park near her house before she was whisked away to do her hair and makeup thing for a wedding.


This was a really fun shoot to get out of the box and work on a concept with a friend! We only got a few weird looks from passersby in the park, but it was totally worth it!

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Preview of AFW "Runway No.5" at Commons Studio "The Camera Social."

This year is a big milestone year for Alternative Fashion Mobs's annual Alternative Fashion Week. This year is year number five with a show aptly receiving the moniker "Runway No.5." To amp up for the multi-day event, in collaboration with the inaugural session of The Camera Social held on May 27th, 2017 (hosted by Commons Studio), local photographers, models, hair & makeup professionals, and members of the fashion industry at large were invited to preview some of the Alternative Fashion Week designers. I was more than excited to be one of those photographers.

While I tend to model for the AFW show instead of shooting, it was a nice change of pace for me to get to work in the fully equipped studio space at Commons Studio at this first time collaboration. Shooting in an open space studio complete with tunes by DJ Donnie Mossman of Damn Girl and libations provided by 451 Spirits and Pabst Blue Ribbon , we had an audience of fashion industry onlookers, the designers themselves, and other hair & makeup/photographer/model professionals. 

I was personally brought out of my comfort zone with such a large group of people and there not being a fully "scheduled" group shoot environment. I appreciate the open atmosphere and the general sense of collaboration, though, and feel like it helped me actually focus more on my lighting and model interaction. 


While I did not have the pleasure of working with all of the models or individual designs, I am pleased with the connections I made and the images I did come out with. I tried some new lighting and editing techniques and certainly met some new connections in the industry. 

I also shot one of the models, Thomas Price, after many of the others had left and I am really glad I did! He and I shot some edgy extensions of the shots we got earlier in the evening. 

The Alternative Fashion Week event is actually several events spanning a whole month. These events range from July 8ths Runway No.5 being held at Newport Music Hall (Tickets)* to August 5ths Next Gen Designer Youth Fair. The fashion events are a mix of free and ticketed events and information can be found here. There is even an option to round up your tickets to make an additional donation. This year is special because AFM is working on funding a physical Fabric facility, to help local designers in the industry and make Columbus even more of a Fashion City!

Models: Thomas Price, Rachel Lauren, Lindsay Wilt, Sarah Anchor, Alana Rex

Designers: Kelli Martin of Anti.Label, Jefferey M. Steele, Jessica Driscoll, Katelyn Mary McClain, Ella Price and Co.

Hair & Makeup: Kate Wright, Cory Harrison, Kristy Kay




*Link Disclosure: By using the "Tickets" link above, I am receiving a portion of sales using this link. If you would rather buy your tickets through the Mob directly (no price change), you can do so here.* 

Abby Olsen "Abby Mike Designs" Designer Spotlight, Columbus Ohio Park of Roses

Abby Olsen is one of those young talents you need to watch out for. She has an eye for detail and a flair for fashion I DEFINITELY wish I had when I was her age, and even now! Her website,, details her journey with designing. We shot a series of portfolio images for her at Columbus Park of Roses. She brought 4 designs, one that she had made especially for the shoot the week before! 


Abby is still in high school and is already an accomplished designer. Her fun can-do attitude is certainly refreshing, as are her unique designs. 


"Clothes Made for Happiness," the tagline on her website is an aptly placed idea for such a talented and cheerful all-inclusive young designer. She makes homecoming dresses for her friends and sister as well as commission designs for customers. 


This photoshoot for her designs her first time in front of professional camera with her dresses. It only took a few peaks at the back of my camera to see how awesome her designs looked on camera for her to get comfortable and excited about getting the shots!


Abby with Abby Mike Designs is certainly one new young designer you don't want to miss out on! She does take limited commission, remember, she's still in high school! She can be contacted through her website or on facebook . More from her portfolio shoot can be found on my facebook

Tomi Jones, Columbus Recording Artist and Model

I was invited along to this shoot by my friend and colleague, Louis. And I am super stoked that he did! We had a blast bringing Tomi's vision to life. It was also really exciting to see how my workflow differed from Louis', including how we direct a model and use lighting. Tomi was an absolute joy to work with and she was up for anything, including getting dirty in the mud!